Tomorrow Starts Today

Documentary, Germany 2020  |  Length: 73 Min.  |  Languages: German, English (subtitled)

About the film

In East German Lausitz, an economically disadvantaged region, a small group of young parents develops the concept for an alternative elementary school: a school that focusses on the needs of children, where individual potential is being fostered, without subjects, without grades. The children are free to choose what they want to learn and are involved in decision-making processes.
„Tomorrow Starts Today“ shows an alternative definition of what a school can be and takes us along on the journey of the school founders. Applying for a permit that is destined to be declined, they are passionate to make their vision become reality.

The film has been realized during 1.5 years without a budget and without a team, as a project from a solo filmmaker.

What happens when a film is not sold, but offered as a gift?

Although there had been no sponsors for the making of the film, it is available for free both for private and public screenings. Viewers can decide freely if and how much they want to pay for the film.

The idea behind this is to try out the idea of a gift economy on a small scale. In a gift economy, people work and share not for the sake of getting something in return, but because they want to give. They want to develop their talents and contribute to the community. The circle of giving and taking is built on mutual thankfulness. One of the advocates of this concept is Charles Eisenstein, whose book „Sacred Economics“ is available online for free.


This is how it works:
1) Use the form below and pay what you want      
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3) Watch it online on any device with a stable internet connection

„Tomorrow Starts Today“ is a project that means a lot to me. I realized it without financial support and now I’m offering the film as a gift, in order to make it as freely available as possible. Feel free to pay as little or as much as you want, or nothing at all. I’m thankful for every single ‚return gift‘.

Johannes Straßner filmmaker

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